Parishae Adnan creates custom look for Hajra Khan

Parishae Adnan creates custom look for Hajra Khan


Parishae Adnan is taking the fashion world by storm, churning out one powerful design after another, carving a niche for herself in the marketplace for clothing for women. Taking forward the inherited creative acumen of her ace designer parents, Amir Adnan and Huma Adnan, Parishae has established her own couture line in the process, which previously known as Awami. Her suits combine the essence of fashion and business, and have been created while keeping in mind the modern, empowered woman, owning every business meeting while looking the part as well.

Keeping Parishae's vision in mind, a custom suit was designed for Hajra Khan, the captain of the Pakistani football team. As the emcee for the unveiling event of the Coca Cola FIFA World Cup Tour to Pakistan, and a celebrated name within the sports industry, Hajra Khan is an individual with whom Parishae's vision aligns perfectly, thereby paving a path for a fruitful and stunning collaboration, that further opens up a conversation about suits for women, and why they are vital to the current social landscape.

A custom-made nude coral pink suit was decided upon, lined with a custom print, and tapered at the bottom for a sleek, finished look. The lining was designed with a high contrast, thus making it the hidden gem inside this brilliant suit. The accompanying choker was made from the same fabric to tie everything in place, and make the entire ensemble come together. A soft V-neck shirt lay within. Straight, tapered pants were selected to complete the look, paired with nude heels. There were several reasons for these choices.

First and foremost, the entire ensemble works cohesively to add to Khan's persona, placing emphasis on her overall might and vigor. Moreover, the out-of-the-box choice for the color of the suit was inspired by a desire to stand out, work with colors that aren't conventionally paired with Pakistani suits, and to tactfully utilize color theory to complement Khan’s skin tone, thus dying the fabric of the suit in the selected shade.

As Parishae continues her quest to inculcate Pakistani suits as mainstream choices of attire, such collaborations beautifully illustrate how the culmination of one's strong aura with tailor-made clothes is not only beneficial, but a statement in and of itself.


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