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Our objective is to integrate sustainability and principles of circularity in our garment manufacturing processes. At Parishae, we believe in increasing the lifetime value of each piece by unravelling vintage outfits, repurposing them to create new ones. Our Upcycled collection has been created by re-using old fabric to create custom made, multi-purposed outfits.

We bring together sustainable fashion and functionality by offering wardrobe pieces that are built to last. This enables our consumers to purchase lesser clothing by investing in quality items to build a capsule wardrobe.

Our line of ready-to-wear outfits is meticulously tailored and made from quality fabric which is durable and long lasting. As opposed to regular market practices, where the outfits are manufactured with an average of 12 stitches per square inch, we make our pieces with 22. This results in longevity in terms of stitching. The piece holds its shape over time throughout washes and ages with you to fit better over time.

Each of our cuts is made to fit the multiple types of female physiques, making it easier to get access to off-the-rack clothing in solid colours. This line is meant to be multi-functional, serving as classic work wear and semi formals to be worn on an evening out by accessorising it. Pieces are meant to feel as though they were stitched for you, incase they don’t, we have a no questions asked return policy*.

In an effort to aid ethical manufacturing, our perfume bottles are made from 100% recycled glass that come from factories in Hyderabad that melt down safe glass waste produced across the region. All packaging for perfumes is also recycled cardboard.

The soles of our shoes come from recycled rubber previously used in truck tyres and old discarded shoes. The old rubber is melted down to be shaped by hand into soles.

The packaging you receive in your order is recyclable plastic and recycled cardboard. We urge you to reuse, and recycle forwards.

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