UnGaze– Parishae


"This piece opened the show, and I had known for months that the show would begin with one of my favorite dialogues from Marylin Monroe. So naturally the first three pieces in the show had to somehow depict the era with the pleats and the hair and the structure that was found in the clothes while still being a part of this collection."

Parishae Adnan

Un Gaze is about coming into power and realising it exists. The game changes when one becomes aware of it. In a world where men depict what femininity should be defined as, we take the basis of a man's wardrobe to create feminine power, providing a democratic dress code that ultimately delivers freedom and equality.

This collection showcases the reuse of old textiles to maximise their useful life cycle, aiding ethical garment manufacturing. All the pieces in this collection are one-offs, none of them can be replicated the exact same way, making each of the outfits unique.

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